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Lehigh Carbon Community College

The Lehigh Carbon Community College Foundation, a nonprofit organization, was created in 1975 to generate the philanthropic resources necessary to support the Community College’s mission.

Our continued goal is to serve the best interest of our students and to improve their chances for success through encouraging college readiness; developing school district, workforce and community partners; broadening the understanding and application of best practices in enrollment management; fostering student learning, student development, academic success, and persistence to goal attainment; ensuring a diverse and inclusive environment to facilitate student learning and engagement; and acting responsibly and ethically in the stewardship and development of institutional resources.

Our objectives are to acquire revenues and resources through active community and alumni fundraising, manage those revenues and resources prudently, and dispense them to the College in a manner that most effectively supports the College’s mission of “providing high quality learning experiences that are affordable and accessible.”

The Foundation is proud of the work it does and its ability to award LCCC student scholarships and support College projects, such as a student emergency fund; services for students with disabilities; strategic initiatives, and other programs consistent with the College’s academic and educational purpose.